Saturday, September 11, 2010

They call me Ms. S

I won't be blogging much about my new life as a semi-professional (I use "semi" because I believe I am somewhere in between the life of a college student and a working woman and have no intentions of distinguishing between the two)... However, I do plan to keep a log of the particularly interesting and/or hilarious moments in the classroom.

Like the fact that hardly any of the kids can pronounce/ care to pronounce my name correctly and have thus designated me with the name "Ms. S". Some of them get it right, some abbreviate, and some just call me "Miss". Early on, I attempted to explain the phonetic qualities of my name, but it's a lost cause at this point.

Or like the time I overslept on the first day of school, and thus made my first impression without having taken a shower, wearing only the make-up I could put on in the car, and lacking the necessary morning dose of caffine. Hello first day of school.

Or the time that I accidentally got observed by the principal during my first week at the school. To explain further... One day, my mentor teacher had a really cool activity planned for Spanish I. It was a project where they were divided into various sized groups and were told to create a name for their "country". Each group is given various "resources" and had to trade with each other in order to modernize their country. So, my mentor teacher taught the first class, and I quickly realized how complex of a project it really was... I was looking forward to observing it again during the second Spanish I class, when he got a call into a meeting with the Arkansas Board of Education... causing him to have to leave the room for the entire period, leaving me to get the kids started on this incredibly complex project. After a few minutes, I finally got them started and working and trading. When all of the sudden, the PRINCIPAL walked in! Kids were up out of their seats, trading with each other, declaring war, etc. Absolute CHAOS. Apparently, my mentor teacher had told the principal that he should come watch him teach this really cool lesson today.. And so he did... but my teacher wasn't in there. So, the principal stayed and watched me facilitate the lesson. Seven days at Har-Ber, and I've already been observed. Sweet.

Or like the time that I debated for at least 30 minutes if it was appropriate to wear anything but teacher-clothes to the school's football game on a Friday night. Mostly for fear of looking more like a student than a teacher.

In other news, grading papers has become a new involuntary hobby. I just finished grading the first Spanish I tests of the semester. I made a key by taking the test myself in roughly 3 minutes. At first, it was pretty black and white, simply marking incorrect answers on the test. However, the open-response proved to be a little more difficult. I had a general idea of what I would accept as correct and what I would not. However, about 3o minutes into grading, I could hardly control my laughter at some of the short answer responses. Rather than marking ridiculous answers incorrect, I found myself writing smiley faces and "haha" next to the questions and awarding them points for making me laugh. (Disclaimer: they had to have at least a hint of logic in their answers to receive full credit.) However, in my class, a sense of humor is a necessity... a life-skill, if you will. And that's what I'm all about... molding better citizens.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Punch Brothers

Attention ALL:
It has been brought to my attention that The Punch Brothers are playing at George's in November. Words cannot express how excited I am. All I know is that Chris Thile and his mandolin will be in Fayetteville, and I could not be happier about it. Let it also be known that Chris Thile has been my biggest musical crush since I first heard him play with Nickel Creek. I'll just leave it at that.

Punch Brothers - Reptilia