Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Drain

A mere 3 weeks ago, Becca and I were out of the use of our kitchen sink. Water would not drain, but rather, it would shoot from one side of the sink to the other. Reluctantly, we drove to Harps and bought the largest bottle of Drano in stock, assuming we would have to use it again. Two hours and the entire gallon of Drano later, our sink was still clogged. But no... we would not be defeated by this. We unscrewed the pipes below our sink and let the water drain into a bucket. We then straightened out a metal hanger and poked around in our pipes, desperately searching for the clog. It was all in vain.

Naturally, the day that this happened, Becca's mom had her phone stolen in Las Vegas and my mom was overseas in Trinidad & Tobago. We already felt like the couple on the Lowe's commercial that constantly calls their parents when everything goes wrong in their house. But this time, we were on our own. So, I called my uncle Chuck. There is literally nothing that Chuck cannot fix, so I knew he would have some ideas. He reluctantly informed us that the clog was more than likely down in the pipes under the house and that we would need to call a plumber. $150 for a plumber that our landlady would not pay for... NO THANKS! Becca and I persisted. We would not rest until we fixed this ourselves.

So we got creative. We boiled 3 large pots of water, hoping that the boiling water would scorch off some of the grease in the clog. All that water managed to do was fill our sinks back up with steaming water. Then we turned to Google. "How to unclog a kitchen sink." After watching a completely uninformative youtube video about how to plunge a sink, we gave it a go. Becca held a wet towel over the garbage disposal while I rigorously plunged the other side. We switched off and on for at least 15 minutes. My arms hurt and I was already on the verge of tears from laughing so hard.

Finally, we stopped and we prayed. "Lord, please let us unclog this drain because we cannot afford a plumber." Minutes later, I had an idea... might I say that this was definitely a divinely inspired idea. I said to Becca, "I wonder what would happen if we turned on the garbage disposal and held the towel over the other side of the drain so that water couldn't shoot up into this side of the sink and it had to drain down the pipe." An interesting idea....

Well, we got into our respective positions and turned on the garbage disposal, and lo and behold, the water was draining! It was actually draining. And there we were.... screaming and crying and laughing at our success... a scene that I am glad no one was there to witness.

So, if you're ever in need of a good plumber, just give me or Becca a call. We'll have Jesus unclog your sink, too.