Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Playlist as of Late

I appear to be a sucker for a good mandolin or harmonica solo...

1. "Settler" - Balmorhea (Watch)

2. "Catch the Wind" - Donnovan (Watch)

3. "Roll on Babe" - Vetiver (Watch)

4. "All my days" - Alexi Murdoch (Watch)

5. "I'm Nowhere and You're Everything" - Chris Thile (Listen)

6. "When in Rome" - Nickle Creek (Watch)

7. "Long Ride Home" - Patty Griffin (Watch)

8. "Washed by the Water" - Needtobreathe (Watch)

9. "Free Fallin'" - Ben Rector (Must Watch)

10. "Dream" - Priscilla Ahn (Watch)

11. "Say Hey (I love you)" - Michael Franti & Spearhead (Listen)

12. "Little Bribes" - Death Cab (Listen)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Golden Birthday

I turned 22. On the 22nd of December. It's okay that you missed it. I say get into it or get over it. Personally, I'm over it. I felt almost as though I was on a down-hill slide. Every birthday from now on would officially be more uneventful than the previous.

For Heaven's sake, I spent my last Christmas break scrapbooking, drinking coffee, watching the news, and reading a chapter in a book before it inevitably lulled me to sleep before the clock had struck 11:00pm. And I just said "for Heaven's sake." I think that statement alone just added 15 years to my life.

Now I understand what John Mayer meant when he sang about his "Quarter-Life Crisis."

However, something has changed during the month of January. And while I'm not one for Resolutions, I am one for Revelations. Both Biblical and fictional. Let me explain:

It happened just a few days ago... I was looking out the window in my room... cup of coffee in hand... Watching the cars zoom by, and all of a sudden...... THERE IT WENT... In broad daylight... I could hardly believe my eyes... I did a double-take... This time, I was certain of what I had seen... I slowly squinted my eyes, and I looked again... And there it was......... My life.......... just passing right by. And even though I just completely made up this story, it still proves my point. All is not lost!

I plan to fight this. With forces that will tear me away from my middle-aged habits and thrust me back into the world that is college. Carpe Diem, people.